What attracts talented employees to your company?

Company culture

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Professionals want to work for companies that share their values

Tadek wants to deliver products that he really believes in.
Marcin likes to test new solutions to save users' time.
Dawid wants to create technology in collaboration with a supportive team.

Latest technologies, career opportunities, boss appreciating your work, meaningful projects and really good company events!


Show them your company culture from the inside

Our research has shown that people with great professional competence look for offers that are in line with their individual style of work. Instead of sparkling marketing presentations, they prefer to hear honest views of your employees.

Gradually, you will be approached by candidates who share similar values and want to contribute to the culture of your organization.

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+ Great company culture
+ Inspiring leaders
No professionalism in the team

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Anna Burzyńska

Head of Sales

+48 22 263 93 49

I believe that the culture of an organization determines whether its employees will be associated with it and will build its results together.

If you are interested, please contact me by e-mail or phone. I will tell you in a few words why it is worth promoting your culture through Atmoskop.pl and how we can help with it.

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