What Is Atmoskop Good for?

When looking for a hotel or buying a washing machine, we usually browse through the reviews on price comparators before making the purchase. Advertising does play a role in our decision-making, but we often make the final decision based on other people's experiences. The Atmoskop.pl website works the same way as it collects employer reviews.

Atmoskop can help you get the "inside scoop" on the company you've applied to and explore it from all angles before you join.

Or maybe you are deciding between a couple of options and want to make an informed decision. Is the job compatible with family life? What about overtime? Will the job be flexible and meaningful enough? You usually can't find such information in job ads. They often give you the bare job description but almost no information on what working for the company is really like.

Publishing Reviews

Positive and negative reviews are posted anonymously, but we always verify that their authors really work or have worked in the company.

We want to make sure that Atmoskop.pl is a trustworthy source of information. We have gradually assembled a sophisticated mosaic of employers from company reviews posted by current and former employees. Atmoskop will tell you how satisfied they are with their salaries, colleagues, managers, and the employer as a whole. We will all change jobs at one point in life and will surely appreciate reading an honest review. Let's help each other out, so we can all know what we're getting into.

It takes approximately 3 – 5 days to manually verify your review. Every reviewer must validate their review by accepting the Code of Conduct, where they also confirm that their review does not contain profanities, trade secrets or specific names.

Atmoskop publishes positive and negative reviews from people who submit them via their company e-mail address.

It is one of the ways to validate the authenticity of each review. If you submit a review on Atmoskop and don't see it even after 5 days, it probably hasn't gone through the entire verification procedure. E-mail us here: pomoc@atmoskop.pl to learn about the verification status of your review.

If you use your personal e-mail to add the review, the review will be tagged as "Unconfirmed" after manual verification. We will then promptly reach out to you by e-mail asking you to verify that you have worked (or still work) for the company.

  • Flexibility, independence, and trust. Great company culture. It's evident that people enjoy working here.
  • Some decisions take longer than expected, and we are losing agility due to growth. But it's still much better than the corporate world.

What is an unconfirmed review or comment?

Unfortunately, we're not 100% sure that the person who wrote the review works or has worked for the company. We are waiting for their confirmation. The review could have been written by employees who don't use or have already returned their work e-mail. We need to verify them another way.


There is a multilevel verification process in place to ensure the reviewer has worked or still works in the company. The process combines modern technology and manual verification. The verification method depends on the origin of the review:

  • Atmoskop invites the people from Jobs.cz, Prace.cz, Práce za rohem or Praca za rogiem to submit their reviews directly. Atmoskop knows they are reviewing their current or former employer based on the information they voluntarily provided on one of the portals.
  • Atmoskop can invite employees to leave a review in cooperation with companies. All employees (all departments, positions, men and women) will receive a link to Atmoskop's anonymous questionnaire. This is how Atmoskop knows that the reviewers are real people. The company won't learn anything about the nature of the reviews, given that the entire process takes place on Atmoskop, which is a secure website that guarantees anonymity.
  • How do we verify the reviewers who gave us a review another way? First, we review their e-mail address against the profiles on Jobs.cz, Prace.cz, Práce za rohem, Praca za rogiem, or LinkedIn. This is a very strict verification procedure. We use it when we receive a review from a reviewer, who we are sure is a current or former employee of the company.

The reviews published on Atmoskop come from one of these three sources. Our system minimizes the possibility of bogus reviews. Also, each employee can review the company they work/have worked for only once.

Help Atmoskop Keep the Reviews Verified and Trustworthy

Atmoskop strives to make sure that all reviews are trustworthy and verified. Your help, as reviewers, is always welcome. Please let us know at pomoc@atmoskop.pl if you receive an invitation to review or spot a review that goes against the Atmoskop Code of Conduct. We will deal with the matter and make sure such review is removed.

Atmoskop Can Be Trusted

Atmoskop is a place where you can review your employer anonymously.

We are independent and objective. You've surely used our other services: Jobs.cz, Prace.cz, Práce za rohem, or Praca za rogiem. We are helping hundreds of thousands of people find jobs they'll love.

Atmoskop.pl is a member of the LMC family, along with

Anonymity Is a Given

Verified employees have already submitted 1 904 reviews. Anonymity is key. Your identity will always be hidden, and your company or anyone else won't know how you reviewed the company. You have our word!

People say about us: "Atmoskop is a place where you can find information without having to worry about revealing the employees' identity. Thank you for doing what you do!" (Anonymous reviewer)

People Are Waiting for Your Review

It takes about 5 minutes to submit a review. You'll help many people decide whether they want to join your company or not. Some day, the reviews may come in handy to you, too.
This is Atmoskop, your good friend in any company.

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